Discrete Wearable Activity Sensor​ for Healthcare and Research

Better Treatment. Better Research.

What is SENS motion®

SENS motion® is an integrated system for collecting physical activity data from groups of people. It consists of a wireless activity sensor that automatically transfers data to a secure cloud. It is especially well suited for use in the healthcare sector and for large research projects.

System Measures:

SENS motion® – For Healthcare


SENS motion® – For Healthcare enables the use of SENS motion activity sensor in healthcare environments, such as hospitals or care centres. The collected activity data can be presented to the patient itself for motivational purpose, assist the healthcare professional in treatment and help prioritize their valuable time efficiently.

Sens motion® – For Healthcare consists of:​

SENS motion® – For Research

SENS motion® – For Research enables the use of SENS motion activity sensor for collecting activity data or raw accelerometer data in research projects.
Sens motion® – For Research consists of:

SENS motion® – Connect

OEM Platform for medical sensors

Do you want to build a wireless, scalable, battery-powered medical sensor or have a business opportunity where measurement of physical data is needed?

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